Single Mother 

Her heart filled with grim,
when she saw him,
on the roadside.
She sighed!
Because his parents died,
and he was denied,
to be accepted by his kins,
maybe due to his past sins.
The child of day or two,
and she didn’t have any clue.
So she adopted him on the spot,
he can be proved as a blot,
for a single mother like her,
but she didn’t care.
Adopted him,
nurtured him.
Helped him in becoming a man,
did whatever she can.
Named her land,
in his name,
but he bit the hand,
that fed him.

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Why? Why you consider her a thing of lust?
Something you need to quench your thirst,
A material to be raped brutally,
A burden for a family,
A person to be used,
A person to be abused,
A person to be disrespected,
A person whose even clothes are objected.

You name her according to the traits
that she drink and party till late.
She wears clothes of her own choice,
Put her opinions and raise her voice.

Please! Please dear!
Don’t interfere,
She herself can think what to wear,
She still has fear,
Society does and she bear.
Stop bothering about her clothes
And the length of her shorts.
Stop asking her to talk in hushed tones,
Can’t you listen to her groans.
She shouts,she screams,
Seeing her blurred dreams.
Her heart bleeds,
Can’t you listen to her pleads.
You ask her not to put on jeans,
As man’s mistakes are woman’s sins.
You ask her not to step out of home,
As by doing that she is breaking the norms.
You ask her neither to laugh nor to sway,
Oh,no no no!
Don’t inhale oxygen dear,
What will people say!!!

-Yours truly
 Every Damn Girl 

Angel’s Arrival


You are a reward,

to me, by the god,

for my good deeds,

but my heart bleeds,

to know about others,

how they all were in a flutter,

when an angel was coming,

when my heart was drumming,

but their lips were humming

and were welcoming, 

a boy baby,

as my progeny may be,

but why?

You too can touch the sky.

They never get this

and find bliss,

when a baby boy is born.

I know,you’ll help me in proving them wrong.


Mother and her unconditional love ❤

She is epitome of perfection,
the one who is god’s reflection.
She is a gift to cherish,
the one who will never ignore your any wish.
She is a queen without a crown,
the one who will never let you down.
She carried you around when you were non-existent,
the love for whom can never be sufficient.
She was the one who was happy when you cried for the first time,
substituting whom, no one can ever rhyme.
She was the one who cried to give you birth,
the one who can never leave you unheard.
She can pick you up, every time you fall,
the one who even taught you how to crawl.
She was the one who pushed you to school,
the one who is priceless jewel.
She is the most special person in anyone’s life,
the one who will always compromise.
She never said that she had
several restless nights,
bearing a noisy child.
She is perfectly sweet,
without whom, we are incomplete.
She is necessarily bitter,
with whom, our life is glitter.
She is crucially wanted,
who never feel exhausted.
She “wake up late” never,
no matter, how much the circumstances be severe.
She is adorably overprotective,
whose advises are always effective.
She is the one who remove all the darkness,
whenever you feel hopeless.
She has most beautiful smile that hid most of the pain,
but how stressed she is, she will never complain.
She many a times is taken for granted,
but still she is never fed up in providing everything we wanted.
She is the one whose love is unconditional and knows no bounds,
who can never be compared to pounds.
She is the gem, the shine of our life,
no matter, whether working or housewife.
She always welcome us with an open heart and open arms,
no one can ever be compared to her charms.
She is the one person, who, even on your shittiest day,
will do anything just to lighten up your face.
She is the best ever creation by god,
who can fight for us against all odds.
She forgive you, no matter what,
love you always, without any if and but.
She won’t say “I LOVE YOU” too often,
but she’ll make sure you know it everyday.
She’ll never differentiate between a daughter or a son,
because she knows everyone is unique in his/her own way.
She is the princess of beauty,
not merely by face but also by heart,
so, it’s our duty,
to take care of the most beautiful piece of art.
She is guide, philosopher and BEST FRIEND,
the one who can never be completely penned !

From Salubrious to Pernicious…

Almighty God created this beautiful earth,

Then he evolved life and gave us birth.

He beautified it with trees,

And all those sparkling galaxies. 

He laden it with bewitchingly beautiful flowers, 

Made it a heaven by creating water showers. 

But Alas!

Heaven is turned into a hell, 

By whom? 

Only by those demons,

None other than humans.

Who, in the lust of being supreme,

And to fulfill their dreams,

Has been treating earth as a toy,

And playing with it,with a joy. 

What an irony!

They are writing their own destiny…!

Pulchritudinous Nature :)

One pulchritudinous day,

in the lap of nature.

Keeping an eye to its changing colour, 

from pale pink at dawn,

pacifying my frown,

to the dazzling blue in mid morning, 

making it adorning, 

to the bright orange during sunset,

sun and moon started performing their duet,

and a purple by twilight, 

making me delight.

I dog-eared the page,

in which I was engaged, 

adoring my landscapes, 

which was a sweet escape!